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Over the past 4 years as a related field real estate analyst and service to corporate tenants, the company is moving forward with a firm goal of providing 13 types of real estate services with 100+ amenities to a property like a project.

The company offers 3 core services in 500+ cities across 4 states.

1. Selling/buying/renting out property.

2. Establishing a very convenient information system for building owner to tenant through a smart to let board.

3. Providing home service (painting, carpentry, plumbing, shifting, electrical, cleaning) in 500+ towns with very low charges. A branch in each district.

       The organization is working towards creating a corporate type organization with the target of 5000+ Smart Two Let Centers, 2000+ Employees, 5000+ Service Providers, 2500+ Agents. Company representatives work 24/7,360 days to achieve company goals

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