Who is the management of my tolet company

Founder’s Message:

1. Content Writer: I am an award-winning content writer with 12 years of experience in creating compelling advertising content and short stories. I am constantly trying new things and articles to attract the attention of new customers. With my knowledge and experience, I can help you fulfill your content creation goals

Balaji Naidu Balla
Managing Partner,
BBC ADS and My tolet

2. Graphic Designer: I have experience as a graphic designer, with 5 years of expertise in logo design and AV making. In addition to hosting several graphic design seminars, I created relevant and original logos that enhanced the company’s brand identity. My unique experience and creative mindset help companies stay current in a constantly evolving market.

3. Editor: I have 10 years of experience in providing comprehensive feedback and support to writers locally. I have the ability to improve the quality of work to increase the interest of the client.I’m trying to improve the company’s content and improve the content strategy.
4. Marketing Manager: 12 years of experience in improving and implementing company marketing strategies in selling advertising space in marketing, I have helped my company increase revenues and market area for over five years. Now my professional experience helps me create unique marketing strategies that align with my company’s values, customer base and overall mission…

5. Advertising Specialist: My passion is to design and implement effective advertising strategies.My experience and field work helped me develop my advertising skill set and allowed me to work in some big organizations.My creative mindset, advertising knowledge and ability to tap into new consumer markets will help my company grow and achieve new milestones. …….

6. Property analyzer:More than 4 years relevant field real estate analyzer and service providing from corporate tenant services.

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