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About Us

My tolet the key to safe subletting.

Are you looking for your new rental property? Then you’ve come to the right place. At MY TO-LET, we facilitate the contact between tenants and landlords, making it easy to find each other. Whether you want to rent your new apartment, house or room, Commercial purposes you will find a big selection in all price ranges. We have rooms and apartments for rent throughout the State, and the same applies to vacant houses. Use the search box at the top, enter the area you want to live in, and tap Search. Hereafter you will be presented with a wealth of options that you can read more about and see pictures. You can also use our smart filtering options to find your new dream home.

Why Choose us?

We have 5 years of experience in the real estate market. Our trained agents deliver first-class service for real estate deals. Choose for a seamless property-selling journey. As property franchise Agents with a global presence, we have all the expertise related to real estate contacts and are well-versed with all the neighbourhoods in south india if you wish to buy a property here.

Our large network of links with reputable builders, architects, engineers, developers, and legal advisers can help you find better properties and assist with legal issues professionally. We’re your trusted partner with deep knowledge of the south india real estate market, so your property’s success story begins with us. Contact us, and let’s embark on this journey together.

About Company Profile and Targets:

Over the past 4 years as a related field real estate analyst and service to corporate tenants, the company is moving forward with a firm goal of providing 13 types of real estate services with 100+ amenities to a property like a project.

The company offers 3 core services in 500+ cities across 4 states.

1. Selling/buying/renting out property.

2. Establishing a very convenient information system for building owner to tenant through a smart to let board.

3. Providing home service (painting, carpentry, plumbing, shifting, electrical, cleaning) in 500+ towns with very low charges. A branch in each district.

       The organization is working towards creating a corporate type organization with the target of 5000+ Smart Two Let Centers, 2000+ Employees, 5000+ Service Providers, 2500+ Agents. Company representatives work 24/7,360 days to achieve company goals.


Our Mission

Our Mission for Property Owners :

Our mission for Property Owners is to relieve them from the hassles of day-to-day details of operation to ensure a smoothly operating, profitable and appreciating real estate investment.

Our Mission for Tenants :

Our mission for Tenants is to provide them with a decent and happy living with Low BROKERAGE and take care of all of thier rental needs when it comes to staying peacefully in the home of their choice.

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About my tolet team doing

1. My ToLet is a real estate rental platform that makes it possible to rent house and commercial buildings Nominal paying of commission.

2. My ToLet provides services to every tenant looking for a building and to the building owners waiting for them with very cheap and nominal service charges.

3. My ToLet offers good deals for those who pay rent for one month or two months commission.

4. Our staff work hard to ensure transparent and mutual information transfer to every client.

5. A regional representative system is available in every town and every city to provide quick information to the client.

6.The convenience of finding your home in your desired area and budget right from your doorstep.

7. My Tolet Services offers thousands of residential and commercial rental properties in
South India Region.

8. If you are a landlord interested in listing your building through MyToLet, please call us on 7093737883 and we will be in touch to help you list the property

Our Partners

Our Partners

Founder's Message:

1. Content Writer: I am an award-winning content writer with 12 years of experience in creating compelling advertising content and short stories. I am constantly trying new things and articles to attract the attention of new customers. With my knowledge and experience, I can help you fulfill your content creation goals

2. Graphic Designer: I have experience as a graphic designer, with 5 years of expertise in logo design and AV making. In addition to hosting several graphic design seminars, I created relevant and original logos that enhanced the company’s brand identity. My unique experience and creative mindset help companies stay current in a constantly evolving market.

3. Editor: I have 10 years of experience in providing comprehensive feedback and support to writers locally. I have the ability to improve the quality of work to increase the interest of the client.I’m trying to improve the company’s content and improve the content strategy.
4. Marketing Manager: 12 years of experience in improving and implementing company marketing strategies in selling advertising space in marketing, I have helped my company increase revenues and market area for over five years. Now my professional experience helps me create unique marketing strategies that align with my company’s values, customer base and overall mission…

5. Advertising Specialist: My passion is to design and implement effective advertising strategies.My experience and field work helped me develop my advertising skill set and allowed me to work in some big organizations.My creative mindset, advertising knowledge and ability to tap into new consumer markets will help my company grow and achieve new milestones. …….

6. Property analyzer:More than 4 years relevant field real estate analyzer and service providing from corporate tenant services.

Balajee Naidu Balla
Managing Partner,
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Bhuvaneswari Balla

Managing Partner