8 Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Organised

The kitchen is the heart of your home. And as one of the most frequently-used spaces, it is also prone to mess and disorganisation from time to time. A disorganised kitchen has the power to slow you down, especially if you’re on a tight schedule.

Are you’re nodding in agreement and do you need a hand? If so, here are eight wonderfully simple tips and tricks to arrange your kitchen and optimise the time spent during preparation, cooking, and cleaning.

1. Divide your drawers

The idea of dropping all your spatulas, knives, spoons, forks, tongs, and ladles in one drawer can seem tempting because it’s just easy to do. Now, weigh in the idea of swimming through this massive pile to recover a fork, on a day when you have barely any time to eat. Wouldn’t it just have been helpful to organise your drawers better?

Here’s what you can do:

Split your kitchen tools between a couple of drawers. If you don’t have an extra drawer to spare, put in a physical barrier and create two compartments within the same space.

organise kitchen

Now place your tools based on how you like using them. Club the forks and spoons. Reserve a different spot for your spatulas, and so on.

2. Be shelf-wise

As a rule of thumb, and to make your time spent in the kitchen hassle-free, remember to keep the items of daily use, especially your pots, pans, plates, tea cups, handy. Place them on the lower shelves, preferably.

organise kitchen

Store occasional items like glassware and expensive dinnerware on the upper shelves.

3. Use see-through containers

One of the things that can slow you down and leave you annoyed is not being able to identify the right jar or container of ingredients for your cook. You may be looking for a specific type of lentil, but you’re confused because the jar is not transparent enough. Now imagine opening every lid and looking inside! A colossal waste of time.

organise kitchen

A fitting solution is to store everything from your masalas, lentils, snacks, etc. in easily identifiable transparent containers and boxes. Alternatively, you could label all these jars and boxes in advance, so you save time when you’re in the midst of your cooking.

4. Use colour psychology

Colours have the potential to alter mood and influence a positive experience. And this is true in your kitchen too.

Remember to pick a colour palette that feels inviting. And while there isn’t one colour that works better than another, we’re recommending a few timeless combinations that are a no-brainer.

Classic blues and greys

Sunshine yellows

Tans and browns

Natural earth tones

Red and white

Remember: The right colour palette will also create a great visual impression, leaving your space feeling organised and neat.

5. Group by function

Group your items depending on their utility. For instance, store all your baking-ware in one place.

Similarly, cooking pots and pans are great to stack together.

6. Say goodbye to your unused items

Purge. Your kitchen needs it at regular intervals.

Pick a weekend once every month, to get rid of items that have no utility. Less clutter = better organisation and more peace of mind for you.

7. Use baskets

If you have open shelves, a great way to visually reduce clutter is to stash all your items in baskets.

organise kitchen

Rattan baskets are trendy and look great. Not only are you looking at a beautiful display, but it’ll also help your shelves look neat and tidy.

8. Hang your pots and pans

If your kitchen has limited cabinets or shelf space, consider hanging those everyday pots and pans on one of the kitchen walls. Keep them handy and accessible.

By doing this, you will save precious storage and the display will look pretty too!

organise kitchen

Did you find these tips helpful? How are you organising your kitchen today? Leave a line in the comments and join the conversation today.

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