5 Plants That Bring Good Fortune to Your Home

Did you know that plants have the power to attract good luck into your home? Interesting right? In addition to aesthetics, they also help detoxify the environment by absorbing carbon dioxide.

So, whether you are a seasoned green thumb or an aspiring plant parent, these five low-maintenance Indoor plants are thought to surround your home with positivity and good vibes!

Isn’t it all that we want in 2022?

Money Plant

If you are looking to attract wealth, having a money plant in your home can do wonders. According to Vaastu, the money plant brings wealth and abundance to the house and helps in overcoming financial obstacles. 

These 5 Plants Can Bring Good Luck Into Your Home in 2021

Maintenance: Being a low-maintenance plant, it doesn’t require much of your time. It grows well in both soil and water. In summers, make sure to water the pot once a week, while in winters, once in every two weeks works just fine. 

Talking about the pot, it is better to opt for a big pot as in future the plant will grow and would require repotting. Not to mention, in small pots, the growth would be restricted. This magical plant can survive indoors as well as in your garden or balcony. 

If growing in water, then place the bottle near the window so that the plant can climb up the window beautifully. When growing in water, the money plant should be kept near sunlight as it promotes better growth. You must also maintain the water level and change the water every week. 

Directions: To get maximum benefits, it is important to place the money plant in the right direction. If growing in water, you can keep your money plant in the North direction. South and South-East directions work well if your money plant is in soil. 

Avoid placing the money in the West and South-West directions. 

Other benefits: Besides attracting wealth, a money plant is also believed to filter the air, thereby improving air quality. Additionally, it brings an element of peace and serenity into the home, which helps people with sleep disorders.

Lucky Bamboo 

On the second spot, we have the bamboo plant. 

Let’s begin with a fun fact. Each stalk in the bamboo plant has its significance. For happiness and long life, you should go for a three-stalk bamboo, while for wealth, a five-stalk bamboo is considered auspicious. Similarly, six stalks are for luck, seven for health, and eight for growth and prosperity. Ten-stalk bamboo is the perfect plant for happiness. Now that you know about the stalks, let’s move to maintenance.

These 5 Plants Can Bring Good Luck Into Your Home in 2021

Maintenance: Always ensure that the roots of the plant are covered with distilled water. For good support, use some pebbles. If you see any yellow leaves or dried leaves, cut them with a pair of shears. In terms of sunlight, the bamboo plant doesn’t need direct sunlight but requires ample light for better growth. 

Directions: The east corner of your home is the best location to keep your bamboo plant, followed by the South-East direction. According to Vaastu, the roots of the plant should always be visible. Thus, use a glass container for placing the bamboo plant. 

A lucky bamboo arrangement should combine and represent all FENG SHUI elements, ie. water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. The stem is the symbol of wood. Put some pebbles to represent the earth. The bamboo plant needs water for its vibrant growth. Tying a red ribbon denotes the presence of fire. The glass pots that contain most lucky bamboo plants represent the metal element. 

Other benefitsThe bamboo plant is known for good luck and fortune for the home’s occupants, which is why it makes for an excellent housewarming gift. Because of its systematic looks, it is a great addition to one’s home décor. It is also has a reputation for creating space energy and enhancing the safety of the residents.

Areca Palm

These 5 Plants Can Bring Good Luck Into Your Home in 2021

If you are looking for a plant that can attract good luck as well as add that tropical vibe to your home, then Areca Palm is a good pick. It is known to attract positive energy and radiate it around it. It also brings peace and prosperity to the residents. 

Maintenance: In summers, water the plant often enough to keep the soil lightly moist. However, do not overwater. Allow the top of the soil to dry out between watering sessions. If possible, use distilled or rainwater. Areca palms do best with bright light exposure but no direct sunlight. Lastly, keep the pot away from air conditioners or heat sources. 

Directions: According to Feng Shui, areca palm can be placed in the East, South-East, South, and North directions. 

Other benefits: Areca palm can remove common pollutants from the air. It is also an effective humidifier. Last but certainly not least; its large fronds add beauty to your home décor.

Jade Plant

On the fourth spot, we have the Jade plant. A succulent, it is a renowned good luck plant known to attract wealth. The vibrant green leaves of the plant symbolise growth and renewal. 

Maintenance: These tough succulents require little care, making them a smart choice if you’re a novice. The Jade plant requires full sun for better growth. Thus, place your pot outdoors at least once a week. While this is not mandatory, it will ensure the healthy growth of your plant. When it comes to water, just water it when the top of the soil is dry. Avoid overwatering as the leaves will turn yellow and eventually rot. 

These 5 Plants Can Bring Good Luck Into Your Home in 2021

Directions: Jade plants can do a lot of good if they are put in the right direction. East, South-East, West, and North-West are some ideal directions to keep the jade plant. You can also keep this plant near the entrance to attract success and luck.

According to experts, the jade plant should not be kept in a bathroom or bedroom.

Other benefits: Jade plant also improves the air quality of your home and improves humidity levels. Lastly, it also makes for a good gift for friends and family.

Snake Plant

Snake plant when placed in an ideal position is deemed to be a plant of good luck. It absorbs poisonous gases from the air and exudes strong protective energy. 

Maintenance: if you are someone who travels often, then this plant is the best option for you. Not only is it one of the easiest to grow but it is also extremely drought resistant. That means you can water it once before going out on a tour and it will be fine and all grown-up when you are back a fortnight later. Being a hardy plant, it can survive in a relatively dry environment both indoors and outdoors. Overwatering is harmful to this plant. Talking about light, indirect sunlight works best. 

These 5 Plants Can Bring Good Luck Into Your Home in 2021

Directions: According to Vastu and Feng Sui experts, the snake plant brings positive energy when kept in the East, South, or South-East direction.

Other benefits: Snake plant is one of the best air purifying plants, which filters the air even at night. It is also known for its ability to help remove toxic air pollutants. 

Do you have any of these plants? Or are you planning to bring these plants home? Do let us know in the comments!

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