how to whole house water filtration system maintenance?

Maintenance is a must for most water filtration systems. Generally, the primary object that filters or purifies the water, has a limited life cycle, based on time, water amount, contaminant level, and some other parameters.

Reverse Osmosis (R O System):Reverse osmosis is the highest for of drinking water purity available for residential use, and is the purification system type that we provide

Service Tips

To help keep your reverse osmosis at a maximum lifecycle, here are some tips:

Ensure that the RO is being serviced every 6–12 months, preferably through a professional water purification company.

The system cartridges should be sanitized every service.

The tank pressure must be set at the proper level to provide maximum water amount and correct pressure, this should be completed every service.

O’Rings should be inspected and replaced to prevent leaks.

Water Softeners:Water softeners, using an ion exchange process, transform hard water into soft water. The ion exchange process involves using sodium chloride (table salt) to run through the system, where the molecule splits, leaving behind only the sodium molecules.

Ultraviolet Light Systems (Well Water, Spring Water, Rainwater Harvesting)

Ultraviolet light systems are a great way to eliminate any chance of bacteria in water.

UV systems are made up of three primary maintenance parts.

The lamp – MUST be replaced EVERY YEAR.

The quartz sleeve – needs to be replaced when cracked or coated in scale, etc.

The o’ring – needs to be replaced every time the lamp is replaced.


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