How to Refrigerator maintenance tips in home?

Check the Door Seals. … Keep Coils Clean. … Clean the Inside. … Check Temperature. … Keep it Filled.

1. Clean the Coils: Keeping your coils free of dust, debris, and pet hair helps the refrigerator operate smoothly and efficiently.

2.  Maintain the Temperature:Check the temperature often in both the refrigerator and freezer sections of your unit.

3. Check the Gasket:If your gasket isn’t sealing well, cold air can escape. This makes the unit work harder, using more energy to maintain the right temperature. book your service

4. Close the Door:As it turns out, your mother was right: keeping the refrigerator door closed is one of the best ways to ensure proper refrigerator maintenance.

5. Keep it Level:If your refrigerator is not level, the doors may not close completely or seal properly, and the motor may have to strain unnecessarily. Use a level tool on the shelves to check your refrigerator’s position.

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